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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Awash River

Location: East of Addis Ababa

The Awash River flows along the boarder of Ethiopia’s Awash National Park, home to many species of birds and exotic African wildlife.

Level of Difficulty: Class III / Beginner

Only 17 miles of the Awash River are commercially rafted—trips last one day.

Scenery: Dry woodland, gazelles, ostrich

Flowing near the Awash National Park, Awash River rafting trips take rafters through dry grassland and acacia forests. This territory is home to many large animals—tan kudus with long curved horns, clever baboons and graceful gazelles. Hippos and crocs are common in the water and the skies are alive with hornbills and bee-eaters.

Season: Year-round

One day rafting trips are available on the Awash River.