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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Omo River

Location: Ethiopia on the Sudanese border.

The Omo River is sourced in the Shewan highlands and flows into Lake Turkana near Ethopia’s boarder with Sudan.

Level of Difficulty: Class III-III+ / Beginner

Class III-III+ whitewater makes for fun and excitement without a steep level of challenge on Omo whitewater trips. Previous experience isn’t required, but the Omo River is very remote, and trips last over a week, so participants should be ready for high adventure

Scenery: Isolated canyon, diverse tribes, wildlife

Omo River rafting trips offer access to remote Ethiopia as they travel through deep, thickly forested canyons before ending with lazy, open sections. The river is dotted with waterfalls, natural water slides, and abundant side hikes. “Hippo Alley” is one of many spots where wildlife flourishes. Isolated tribes like the Kwegu and the Mursi live along the banks of the Omo and commercial trips typically stop to visit them.

Season: September – December

River trips on the Omo typically last one to two weeks, depending on what section of the river is being explored.