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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


Southern Africa’s mighty Zambezi River is truly one of the world’s most fabulous rafting trips. Crossing the boarder of Zambia and Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls, Zambezi River rafting trips have it all: exotic scenery and wildlife, phenomenal ocean-like wave trains, and class IV and V whitewater.

Zambezi River Rafting Trips (Class V): Gigantic waves, thrilling drops, and churning whitewater make the class IV-V Zambezi the best adventure for people with a taste for adrenaline or anyone looking for a refreshing adventure in Africa.

More About Rafting in Zambia and Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River is enough of a reason to visit this area of Sub-Saharan Africa, but the region is rich with other sights and chances for adventure. One of the largest rivers in all of Africa, the Zambezi literally drops off the face of the earth at Victoria Falls, a waterfall of awesome scale and power. Its waters nourish rich wildlife—elephants and giraffes, crafty lions and baboons, and many species of raptors—along its banks.