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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


Arizona whitewater rafting means only one thing to most people… The Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. There are several great whitewater rafting rivers in Arizona, but the Grand Canyon is the granddaddy of them all. An Arizona whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon is considered one of the finest wilderness experiences in the world.

Grand Canyon River Rafting Trips (Class III-IV):
Arizona whitewater rafting trips through Grand Canyon National Park begin 15 miles below Lake Powell and end in Lake Mead. Located in north western Arizona, the Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Approximately 4 million people visit Arizona to peer over the rim of the Grand Canyon, but less than 22,000 individuals enjoy the intimate experience of an Arizona whitewater rafting trip.

Grand Canyon Float Trips (Class I):
For visitors who are on a tighter schedule or budget, the 15 mile float trip from the base of Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry (where Grand Canyon rafting trips begin) is another way to experience part of the Grand Canyon. Guided, motorized pontoon trips are either 1/2-day or full-day.

Go Rafting with A Commercial Outfitter in Arizona

Outdoors Unlimited Grand Canyon Rafting has been operating whitewater rafting trips in the Grand Canyon for more than 30 years.

Visit their website for more information about Grand Canyon Rafting.


More about Rafting in Arizona

Arizona whitewater rafting trips through the Grand Canyon are multi-day wilderness adventures ranging from 5 days to 18 days in length. The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is rated Class IV with a few Class V’s. The Grand Canyon is divided into two sections; the Upper Section from Lee’s Ferry Put-in to Phantom Ranch (88 miles) and the Lower Section from Phantom Ranch to Lake Mead (192 miles). An Arizona whitewater rafting trip offers unsurpassed scenery, world class rafting, and some of the best side hikes in the world.