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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Melangit River

Location: Denpasar, Bali

Located approximately one hour from Bali’s capitol city Denpasar, whitewater rafting trips on the Melangit River give rafters the opportunity to explore some of Bali’s beautiful natural scenery.

Level of Difficulty: Class III-IV / Intermediate

Melangit River rafting trips twist and turn through a rainforest canyon. Steep cliffs line parts of the river. Steep gradient in some places creates waterfalls ranging from one to four meters. The Melangit River is one of the more challenging river trips available in Bali.

Season: Year-round

Like other river trips in Bali, excursions on the Melangit tend to be fairly short, lasting a few hours. Trips are available throughout the year.