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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Telaga Waja River

Location: Bali

The Telaga Waja River flows below Bali’s highest peak, Mt. Agung, an active volcano that last erupted in the 1960s. Many Balinese regard the mountain as sacred—which lends a unique touch to Telaga Waja River rafting trips—and you might even see ash or smoke rising from Agung!

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Level of Difficulty: Class II-III / Beginner

People new to whitewater rafting will appreciate the Telaga Waja’s mix of class  II and III rapids because they create some excitement but aren’t overly challenging. Families can also consider Telaga Waja rafting trips.

Scenery: Tropical Riparian Environment

Although river rafting trips in Bali tend to be rather short affairs they create the opportunity to experience the island’s natural beauty from a new vantage point, bringing rafters into intimate contact with the tropical riparian environment, as well as village life off the beaten path. Waterfalls spill into the Telaga Waja, creating a dramatic addition to jungle and rice paddy scenery.

Season: Year-round

River trips on the Telaga Waja are available throughout the year and last for a few hours.