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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Lammer River

Location: Half-hour Drive From Salzburg, Austria

The Lammer River flows by the town of Abtenau, near the resort of St. Martin in Land Salzburg, Austria.

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Level of Difficulty: Class III – IV+  Beginner – Intermediate

The Lammer River has several longer Class II-III sections in its upper reaches, perfectly suitable for beginner rafters and families. If you are interested in a little bit more adventure and excitement, you can book a trip that continues downstream into the Lammeröfen: 1.5 kilometers of non-stop Class IV+ whitewater. The Lammeröfen Gorge itself is one of the more narrow passages that rafts can actually navigate. At times barely wide enough for the boat to fit through, the Lammeröfen create a very real sense of discovery and wilderness for those passing through, as only the guide has any idea of what may wait around the next river’s bend. The walls in the gorge sometimes tower several hundred meters above the river, and rafts are forced to navigate exciting rapids with names like Entrance Cataract and Elephant’s Teeth.

The Canyon and Scenery: Alpine Mountain Valley, Green Rolling Hills, and Deep Gorges

Before entering the narrow confines of Lammeröfen Gorge, the Lammer River is surrounded by stunning scenery. Granite fortresses of jagged rocks rise tall amidst sloping, densely forested valley walls. Tall snow-covered peaks tower in the distance, and thin veils of water drop hundreds of feet over the canyon walls. Several rafting operators will take a break in the middle of their trip to hike up the famous Aubach Canyon to a dramatic waterfall.

Season: May through September

From late Spring through the end of Summer, rafting trips are offered on the Lammer River.