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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Bow River

Location: Close to Banff, Canmore and Calgary in southwestern Alberta.

The Bow river begins in Banff National Park and within the park Lake Louise contributes to its headwaters.

Level of Difficulty: Class III-IV / Beginner – Intermediate

The powerful hydrolics and big drops create thrilling and exciting whitewater for the true adventurer.

Scenery: Shale canyons, dense riparian riverbanks

The Bow River begins its decent from Bow Glacier high in the Canadian Rockies. It makes it way through the high elevation and down into Horseshoe Canyon. Home to over 260 species of birds, the dense plant growth along the river’s edge makes for prime birdwatching. The name for the Bow River, in fact , came from the use of the reeds growing along the rivers side as bows by the indigenous First Nations peoples. Rainbow and Brown trout are especially plentiful in this waterway.<

Season: Mid-May through mid-September

Snowmelt from the Rockies provides great opportunity for rafting in late spring through the summer.