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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


With the exception of the River Barle, there are very few natural whitewater rapids in England. However, speedo-clad tourists and natives alike enjoy river rafting on the many man-made whitewater courses.

Barle River Rafting Trips (Class II-III): Located near Exmoor National Park, the Barle is the only naturally occurring whitewater rafting in the country.

Trent River Rafting Trips (Class II-III): An artificial rafting course on water diverted from the Trent River, this is a good introduction to rafting.

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More About Rafting in England

Although some of the rapids and courses in England are completely artificial, many of the courses are either on a diverted stretch of the river, or they are natural rivers with modified rapids (boulders are placed in the river to create rapids). England whitewater rafting courses require a certified guide or instructor who calls out commands and directs the raft through the rapids. The rapids offer plenty of thrills on challenging whitewater from Class II to Class IV. Whitewater rafting trips in England are typically two to four hours long and participants get to raft several times through the courses. If the paddlers are up for the challenge, the rapids get more difficult with each attempt on the course.