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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Doron de Bozel River

Location: Rhone Alps in Southeastern France

Doron de Bozel river rafting trips take place in the Rhone-Alps region of Southeastern France. This region is famous for world-class skiing in places like Val d’Isere, host of the 1992 Winter Olympics. Whitewater rafters are also drawn here to experience the beauty and challenge of rivers like the Doron de Bozel.

Level of Difficulty: Class IV-V / Intermediate

Doron de Bozel river rafting trips are very rigorous, earning a rating of class IV-V, with continuous whitewater. The high adventure of Doron de Bozel river trips makes them appropriate only for those with previous rafting experience or newcomers who are very athletic and looking for a challenge.

Scenery: Narrow, Tree-lined Canyon

The Doron de Bozel is sourced high in the French Alps before winding its way into the River Isere. Though they are close relatives, the tree-lined and narrow canyon of the Doron de Bozel creates much more challenging rapids than those on the River Isere.

Season: Specific Dates in May and August

One day trips are available only at very limited times of the year. Commercial rafting outfitters typically offer only one or two dates in May and August so it is crucial to plan ahead to see this beautiful French river.