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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


Nature and health go hand-in-hand in Slovenia therefore the unspoiled landscape of lakes, crystal clear rivers, forests and meadows make for some of the best scenic outdoor adventure in Europe. Around half of this picturesque country is covered in forest and the only primeval forest in Europe is also found here. The narrow whitewater canyons, wide slow moving rivers and high mountain lakes that wind through the dense foliage make for a pristine rafting experience. Here in this small and easily covered area, where hundreds of birds migrating south stop briefly and where dozens of unique indigenous plants find their home, more diverse experiences await you all year round than can be found anywhere else.

Soca River Rafting Trips (Class III-IV):
On the banks of the stunning Soca River, the small town of Bovec is fast becoming a mecca for water-based adventure seekers. It is one of the five most unspoilt rivers in the Alps. There is no wonder why this fairy-tale valley is fast becoming the most happening rafting destinations in the world.

Sava River Rafting Trips (Class II-IV):
Known as the “the Emerald Beauty,” the Sava river is a right side tributary of Danube River. It is created by two headwaters, Sava Dolinka (Class II) and Sava Bohinjka (Class III-IV) which join between the Slovenian towns of Lesce and Radovljica.

More About Rafting in Slovenia

Other outdoor activities popular in Slovenia that can be easily combined with a rafting trip include kayaking, outsider canoeing (two-man inflatables) and canyoning or hydrospeeding. Bicycling or hiking around popular attractions like Lake Bled and the picturesque mountain towns of Bojihn and Bovec or tandem paragliding in the Julian Alps are also highly recommended. Eco-tourism is also heavily promoted and visitors are encouraged to stay in the countless mountain lodges or tourist farms (over 300 available) in the region that are eager to showcase the rich Slovene hospitality. Another river highlight is seeing the ancient artifacts left by Romans, Celts, and even prehistoric settlers who submerged their personal belongings, from swords to dishes, in the shallow and mysterious Ljubljanica River believed to hold ancient mystical powers.