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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Alumine River

Location: Pulmari River Valley, Northern Patagonia

The Alumine River in Argentina rises from Alumine Lake and moves through the Lakes Corridor. The waterway travels from south to north while running across the country.

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Level of Difficulty: Class III-IV / Intermediate – Advanced

Best suited for skilled rafters, the river is well-known for its turbulent whitewater making this section of river one of the most sought-after rafting destinations in the world. Recognized for its amazing flow, the big waves, huge holes and constant slope of the river make this section a high-voltage, ‘non-stop’ rafting decent.

Scenery: Lush riverside, white sandy beaches

Meaning “glittering well” in the language of native settlers, the mapuche people, this “prized nook” of the Andes provides views of the Andes Cordillera (the oldest extinct volcano in the area) and is surrounded by cypresses growing among the rocks and magical ancient evergreen coniferous trees. The beaches of the river are tucked beneath the shade of the dense foliage that grows close to the banks.

Season: April – November

Rafting trips on the Alumine River are best in the Southern Hemisphere’s spring and summer when you can catch the fresh winter snowmelt.