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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Jatun Yacu River

Location: 1 hour from Tena

The city of Tena is 5 hours south of the city of Quito by bus, a trip which takes visitors through spectacular green landscapes interspersed with lagoons and cascading waterfalls. It is on the outskirts of several volcanoes including the Cotopai and the Antisana. The Jatun Yacu is also known as the Napo River, which confluences with the Amazon River in Brazil.

Level of Difficulty: Class III-III+ / Beginner

This is excellent river for beginners because it is wide and open, has some large waves and is also easy to enjoy for inexperienced rafters. The fun begins right away, as rafters hit large, quick waves interspersed with calm pools.

Scenery: Paradise – Tropical Canyon with Sandy Beaches and Waterfalls

Big sandy beaches, waterfalls, and lush green vegetation make the Jatun Yacu a tropical paradise. The calm sections allow the opportunity to kick back and soak in the Selva Verde rainforest scenery. Since there are no inhabitants in the upper regions of the Jatun Yacu, the river is exceptionally clean.

Culture: Indigenous Quechua Tribes

“Jatun Yacu” translates to “Big River” or “Rio Grande” in the native Quechua language. The indigenous Amazonian tribes have been boating and fishing on the Jatun Yacu for centuries and they continue to use the river today for food, recreation, and adventure.

Season: Year-round

The Jatun Yacu runs throughout the year, depending on rainfall. The daytime temperatures are generally warm and perfect for river trips.