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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Upano River

Location: Near the town of Macas in the Amazon jungle.

The Upano River is the longest multi-day rafting trip in Ecuador. It’s located in the rugged, mountain Morona-Santiago province of Ecuador. The Upano River flows through the Namangosa Gorge where the Shuar Indians live. Flowing through a remote and mostly untouched region of Ecuador, the Upano River truly gives rafters a multi-day wilderness rafting experience, including great hiking, spectacular wildlife viewing, and exciting rapids.

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Level of Difficulty: Class II-IV / Intermediate

Throughout the five or six day trip, rapids range from mellow Class II to more thrilling Class IV. The Upano River is wide and meandering in the easy sections. There are big roller coaster waves in the intermediate section, and more challenging boulder garden rapids in as the gorge narrows in the Class IV sections.

Scenery and Culture: Waterfalls, toucans, and butterflies make this a world-class jungle experience

Nicknamed the “River of Sacred Waterfalls,” the Upano River gorge is a jungle paradise. Bright, beautiful wildlife fills the canyon will color. The native Shuar Indians, who live along the river banks, have a rich, fascinating culture and history. They rely on the Upano River today for fishing, washing, drinking water, and mining for gold.

Season: High Season is December – March

The best time to raft on the Upano River is in the Southern hemisphere’s summer, a perfect break from the cold winter months in North America.