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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


Plunge through the canyons of the Upper Amazon and experience lush river valleys containing some of the best whitewater rafting Peru has to offer. From the peaks of the Andes, the glacial meltwater flows through the Sacred Inca Valley and into the Amazonian jungles. 

Apurimac River Rafting Trips (Class III-V):
Flowing through a Gorge 10,000 ft deep, twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, this river system is world renowned as the most distant source of the Amazon River. Glacial melt-water from the Nevado Mismi Ridge in Southern Peru cultivates the headwaters of this river system.

Urubamba River Rafting Trips (Class II-IV):
Travel to the historic capital of the Inca (Inka) Empire, Cusco, near the Urubamba Valley and delight in a whitewater adventure on three sections of this magnificent river. Profound scenery and an amazing array of flora and fauna fill the river canyon from exotic tropical flowers and giant eucalyptus trees to profusions of cactus. Journey through various areas of interest such as Sicuani, Urcos and the Sacred Valley of the Inca before descending into the rain forest and jungle.