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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips

Rhone River

Location: Near Geneva, in the Valais Region of Switzerland

The Rhone River flows through the famous Valais region of Switzerland, home of the Matterhorn. Nearby towns include Geneva, Sierre, Riddes, Oberwald, and Gluringen. The whitewater rafting section of the Rhone River in Switzerland begins near its source below the Rhone Glacier and ends where the river empties into Lake Geneva.

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Level of Difficulty: Class III and Class IV / Beginner

The Rhone River can be broken into three separate sections for whitewater rafting. The upper Valais section between Oberwald and Gluringen is Class II-III, the section between Susten and Sierre is Class IV, and the section between Sierre and Riddes is Class II. Beginners and veterans alike can find a trip that suits them.

The Canyon: Highest Mountains in the Alps, Vineyards, and Glacial Meadows

The Rhone River cuts a path through Switzerland’s famous Valais Valley, winding between the Bernese Alps to the north and the Pennine Alps to the South. Rafting trips on the Rhone River give access to some of Switzerland’s most dramatic scenery: the highest mountains in the Alps, sprawling vineyards, medieval villages, craggy gorges, and glacial meadows. Rafting the lower section of the Rhone has the added benefit of getting to raft directly into Lake Geneva, which is a spectacular scene in and of itself.

Season: May through August

Rafting trips are available on the Rhone River in Switzerland from May through August.