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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


India is the seventh largest country by area in the world and its most populous democracy. Located in South Asia, and sometimes referred to as the Indian Subcontinent, it is a vastly diverse country in geography, climate, culture and ethnicity. One of India’s dominating features is the Himalayas. It is the highest mountain range on the planet Earth and where famous glacier-fed rivers such as the Indus, the Ganges and the Zanskar originate.

Zanskar River Rafting Trips (class II-IV):
Flowing across the Tibetan Plateau, the Zanskar River is found in the northern most region of India known as Kashmir. This area of the Himalayas is a place where ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastic life continues today. Dubbed the “Grand Canyon of India,” the Zanskar River’s glacier-fed waters flow northeast cutting through the steep Zanskar Range of the Himalayas until it reaches the Indus River near Nimo. The Zanskar Gorge boasts an unparalleled palate of gold, tan and rusty orange as it twists and turns through towering canyon cliffs and constricted corridors.

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