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Whitewater Rafting Guide To River Trips


Nepal is a small country with big mountains, big rivers, and big-hearted people. The Himalayan foothills are both the headwaters and a backdrop for many of Nepal’s rivers, and rafters and kayakers are constantly awed by the dramatic landscapes they float through. Pristine jungle scenery, classic cascading waterfalls, and high-volume exciting rapids make multi-day rafting trips in Nepal the perfect combination of thrills and relaxation. Rafting trips in Nepal take visitors through less-traveled regions that are often difficult or impossible to reach otherwise.

Karnali River Rafting Trips (Class III-V): Nepal’s longest and biggest volume river, the Karnali River is a well-kept secret that offers everything – big water excitement, spectacular scenery, world-class fishing, sandy beaches for rest and relaxation. Covering 112 miles, a Karnali River rafting adventure is one of the best multi-day rafting trips in Nepal.

Sun Kosi River Rafting Trips (Class III-V): A 170-mile multi-day trip in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Sun Kosi River is Nepal’s most popular rafting trip, with big exciting rapids, spectacular scenery, and camping on beautiful sandy beaches.

Tamur River Rafting Trips (Class III-IV+): A tributary of the Sun Kosi River, the Tamur River is one of Nepal’s most majestic multi-day adventures. Four days of trekking through some of the most beautiful Nepal landscapes is a great way to begin a Tamur River rafting trip. Views of Everest and other Himalayan peaks are jaw-dropping as you trek to the river, and the rapids and wildlife are no less spectacular.

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